Heart of Steele

by David Diers

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released March 31, 2014

1. Drinking for Catherine
2. Truth, Justice, & the American Way Blues
3. Deeper * ∆
4. BLT (Big Latin Thing) *
5. Followed You So Far
6. Heart of Steele ∆

All songs and lyrics written and arranged by David Diers © 2014
* © 1999
Published by Beauty Hammer Music (ASCAP)
∆ - These songs contain guttural language not suited for the impressionable mind.

All songs tracked live as a group by:
Mike Becker - Bass
Jenny Beavers - Flute, Piccolo
David Diers - Vocals, Guitar
Beth Hiser - Violin, Vocals
Aaron Lack - Drums
Michael O’Brien - Cello

Produced by David Diers
Engineered by Dan Childers
Mastered by Jerry Tubb
at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc.
Austin, Texas

Cover Art by Ann Kelble
Graphic Design by Jared Rogers



all rights reserved


David Diers Austin, Texas

David Diers is the ghost of rock n' roll's future, visiting it in its' dreams and making it promise to do better by all of us. He haunts the internet and Austin, TX with his voice and strings.

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Track Name: Drinking for Catherine
Drinking for Catherine

Your breath is hot from the whiskey you drank
but your words they hit dead on.
Your poetry is a knife tonight
and it cleaves what’s left of my soul.

Yeah, the boys are looking at you
from their crowded tables and their games of pool.
They’re looking for a saviour or a knave
to save them or be saved.

You’ve seen the state of Pennsylvannia,
you’ve seen the state that I’m in.
It’s dark outside and it’s half past five
and what’s keeping me warm is this gin.

What I see sitting across from me
is a flame rising higher.
Don’t shelter me or protect me girl,
but drink me dear
to kindle your fire.

The whiskey drips like honey
from your brandywine lips,
you talk of truth, breath, and alcohol
and the taste of salt in my kiss.
Drink with me and lets forget today.
We can drown ourselves and fade away.

Stray hairs cover your portal eyes
the smoke in the room hugs your skin.
You are beautiful and you are dangerous
and the night has yet to begin.

Lyrics - David Diers © 2014
Track Name: Truth, Justice, and the American Way Blues
Truth, Justice, and the American Way Blues

I found truth in a warehouse on Market and 53.
He was tied up and blindfolded and asked if I could set him free.
I told him, I could be wrong, but wasn’t he supposed to be doing that for me?

When I got done untying him, we hopped over the fence.
He said if you’re looking for truth everywhere the isolation can be intense.
I told him I’d been alone before, he said “no, this is different.”

I said I’ll keep fishing even while the ice around me melts
I’ve never been surer, this is the surest I have ever felt.
The big one is down there and I’m gonna catch him all by myself

I thought I found justice at the shooting range aiming at the human race.
He had his finger on the trigger when I got up face to face
I asked him if he really was justice, he said no but she gave me five bucks to take her place.

True justice was at the eye doctor, doped up but feeling all right.
They always told her she was blind, but she’s just got bad eyesight
The doctor came in with bad news, looks like she can only see in black and white.

I’ll keep looking between the lines, though I’m tired of seeing space.
Words are everywhere, but I read them better when they’re in my face.
Writing on the wall says the revolutions coming; I better get the hell out of this place.

I found this guy in an uptown bar, said he was the American way.
I took a look at his shoes asked him what he did for pay.
He said he cuts down trees in Brazil to build hotels for the eco-tourist trade.

He reached for his business card but then he had second thoughts.
He told me gaining wealth and successful habits are things that can be taught.
I told him I was up for anything he said he was too as long as he didn’t get caught

I’ll keep filling my glass until I can’t even speak.
All my friends know I take my drinks strong and I take my coffee very weak.
I’d rather sleep than run from it; the options around here are pretty bleak.

Lyrics - David Diers © 2014
Track Name: B.L.T. (Big Latin Thing)
B.L.T. (Big Latin Thing)

How I wish, How I wish I was….

Antonio, Antonio Banderas
The woman would notice me
And what I am wearing.
My name alone, on a marquee,
has its own sex appeal, because of me.

I wish I had
a Latin last name-o.
One to give me fortune and fame-o.
If I was handsome with impressive skin
I could have anyone or anything.

Antonio, Antonio Banderas
Antonio, Is better than me.
Antonio, he’s just so gifted
and just so damn sexy.

I wish I were foreign
and discriminated against.
Until I got so big, I could rise up above it
and be the most handsomest and most charming man,
like this Antonio Banderas who rules this land

Lyrics - David Diers © 1999
Track Name: Followed You So Far
Followed you so far

Your lips don’t taste the same
as they did that October day,
when all I did was breathe you into me.
What am I supposed to do
with all those years I spent with you,
when I am holding myself.

Followed you so far, I don’t know where I am.
Loved you so long but your not the girl I know.
Followed you so far, that I don’t know where I am.
It doesn’t change a thing, dreams aren’t what they used to be

I’m just a bit confused,
when your heart closed off to me,
why I didn’t feel a thing like it was that way all along.
But I am sure that you’ll love me
just as I’m sure that I’ll love you
and when I hear your name, I’ll remember.

We were stronger long ago
when I’d call you on the phone
and it was everything to see you.
I want to call you now
but your voice has changed
and so has mine.

Will you call me on the phone
on Christmas and Birthdays
invite me over to meet your beau.
When I close my eyes and dream
will you haunt me like a ghost
alone in the bed, where we made love.

Lyrics - David Diers © 2014
Track Name: Heart of Steele
Heart of Steele
Though me mother tears to tell it,
the story of me great gran-da,
how when his father broke his violin, he walked right out the bloody door.

We are born with a heart of steele
and the sound of a Scottish reel.
What’s ours by right
we’ll take it tonight and play on through the bloody years.

I’ll play until my hands are bloody, I’ll fight until I can’t no more,
that same fire burns in me that burns in me da – it picks me off the bloody floor.

So many have lost their way, and others sell their souls
with any luck I’ll make it out alive till they put me in a 6 foot hole.

My ancestors have been persecuted, some were even slaves
so I will not blush for what others have done and I’ll take that with me to my grave.

Our parents broke their backs for us and we tried not to break their hearts
but as sure as day we probably did – we’re unforgiven but not forgot.

Life wants so much out of us, sometimes it can get rough,
so when death comes to whisper in your ear
tell him to sod off.

Someday my loved ones will pass away and stand beside the lord
I’ll ask them to watch over me and grant me favor when my o’er.

Whoever you are I love you because we are all in the same plight
were born to die some hardly live – so drink your fill tonight!

Lyrics - David Diers © 2014